Resort 19 – New Arrivals launch online

Nov, 2018

I am really excited to launch my 3rd collection for Evarae, we have worked really hard to improve on the first two years, taking into consideration all the feedback from our customers and stockists.

For the Resort 19 campaign myself and a small team went back to my second home in Ibiza, somewhere I had taken a step back from shooting before due to the island feeling too close to home. However, on review I wish I had chosen the Island sooner as there’s a certain magic to the images as well as a personal touch that comes to light.

The majority of the campaign was shot towards the north-eastern side of the island where my mother lives, in secret sports we have found while walking our dogs over the last eight years during the winter months.

This season we really distinguished our signature look & what we stand for as a brand, at the same time we took the experience we have learnt from two successful production runs continuing to work even harder to improve the fit and cut to the body.

Quality is something EVARAE is built on, as a brand we pride ourselves in maintaining high expectations in an economy that’s cost sensitive.

There are details on first glance someone may not notice, the love & care that goes into each piece, how it makes a woman feel. I worked for many brands before starting EVARAE learning about form, fit and cut along the way, however being in control of my own brand has allowed me to bring to life my vision for swimwear that is unique, with intricate techniques that flatter the female form. It’s contemporary and sexy at the same time, whilst remaining timeless.

As we are a luxury price point the pieces must be investment pieces, not items that can quickly go out of fashion. The swimwear and resort wear should stand the test of time being packed seasonally on new adventures for the customer. An item that holds special memories made in beautiful places.

It’s not an easy job to create two things in perfect partnership together; create technically intricate & unique details while remaining fully functional & adjustable swimwear, that’s made for women.

There is also a cost issue, well-fitting swimwear that is Italian made is expensive to make, now add very technical details in high quality French fabrics and interior support. It’s expensive, however it feels rich to touch and when you put the piece on the quality lasts. Most importantly we want women to exude confidence, like the feeling of trying on a leather glove that fits perfectly, gliding on the hand and hugging in the correct places.

I truly love creating these pieces, my heart & care goes into how someone will feel when they try each piece on. I want women whom wear EVARAE to feel at their best. I’m a woman myself and I am not that secure with my body as I enter my 40s, when I travel it’s important to me I feel confident and I have the wardrobe to help me feel my best. There’s a few pieces of EVARAE I don’t ever travel without.

Recently as a brand we have been trolled for the first time on social media, my own femininity and credibility in the female human race was attacked. I was quizzed about a statement I made regarding how our swimwear is ‘made for women’, I will admit it’s something that is not easy to bring across in advertising campaigns as a young brand, however if anyone looks on our product details or quality page it is the ethos of the brand. On first glance, it’s hard to tell the care & attention that goes into the make of our swimwear.

Displaying this in our campaigns is something we are working towards bringing to the forefront in the near future, acknowledging the importance of a body confident message, it’s something we have touched on before by working with a few influencers that share the body confident message.

In light of this I wanted to share some facts with you about why we believe our swimwear and resort wear to be contemporary & functional and why as a woman, I believe it’s been made for women.

Here are some really lovely facts about our swimwear and resort wear:

Our swimwear in made in Italy by a small family run factory, a small team of mostly women, pattern cutters and technicians spend many hours examining the smallest details and how it fits the body. We have many sessions where we agonise over tiny details tweaking and adjusting here and there, wanting each piece to fit like a glove.

We use French fabrics from two of the best suppliers, we choose slightly heavy fabrics with a tight weave so they flatter in the right places, we also use textured fabrics that give excellent support without heavy built in control. Remaining light on the body whilst giving confidence when worn.

Most people won’t realise but almost all our styles have invisible cups hidden between the fabric and the lining, even The Thalia One Piece, this style has a deep V- plunge, yet the invisible cups provide lift and support to a larger bust. The style also has a high back for added support and ties behind the neck for adjustment and lift.

We have created a special branded clasp with notches that is adjustable behind the neck, this can be adjusted when the swimsuit is wet to readjust the fit and flatter.

Most of our styles are also double lined, this means they have a strong elasticity that holds you in. We sell internationally to a multitude of countries and ethnicities, our styles that are made in white fabric are tripled lined to make sure they never become transparent when wet and embarrass. For our Asian customer, it is important that our styles have light padding as within their culture they do not like to see the mark of the nipple through the fabric.

All our Bikinis or One Pieces, have adjustable or removable straps, making the style suitable for women of all different cup sizes. We also must not forget about women that are smaller chested and have their insecurities, our invisible or removable cups give confidence on both sides of the spectrum.

We design a lot of One Pieces with a deep-V, this is so women with a larger cup size can buy a One Piece that fits them in the body, even if they are smaller in the body. There was a time where a woman with a larger cup size and small body could not wear a swimsuit as it would fit her differently on the top to the body.

Our resort wear is made within local communities in India that provide a fair wage to women that have not been able to work before. These women and men are considered artisans in their communities and create these beautiful fabrics and techniques for us. We only use natural fibres for the environment, recently we have started to explore the use of sustainable fabrics and we are hoping this is something we can introduce into our range shortly.

Love & care goes into the craftsmanship and fit to the body for each style of resort wear, the pieces are sheer & floaty to keep you cool in hot climates, there is enough print detail to leave you feeling covered while walking around if you may not be that secure in a Bikini or One Piece. Little cut out details provide flashes of skin whilst not leaving you feeling exposed.

We create flowing Palazzos Pants and Wrap Skirts in dreamy prints that can be worn over One Pieces without covering up completely. Our Modica Wrap Dress is one of our best-selling styles and has been designed so that you can go up or down a size depending on the coverage you require at the front, again another fully adjustable style that wraps around the body how you desire. Our Bastia Dress comes with a removable internal slip that can be worn sheer or dressed into the evening.

Packing for vacation with The Resort 19 collection provides a perfectly balanced wardrobe to make you feel confident.

Each season we create a number of different design stories and colour palettes, within each story we make sure that each body shape is represented with a suitable style & fit, all our Bikini Tops & Bottoms are mix and match as ‘everybody’ is different and unique.

With Love



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