With love from Sicily – When life doesn’t gives you lemons

March, 2018

For Spring 18 Evarae went to Sicily to shoot the campaign. The flowers, colours and landscapes heavily influenced the collection so we felt it was the prefect place to shoot. We found the most amazing location Casa Vera, the villa was designed by a famous architect. The modern and clean lines of the building were a perfect juxtaposition to the soft fabrics and feminine prints, keeping the collection looking modern and inline with the EVARAE ethos.

Bringing our signature touches and metal detailing to life under a warm Sicilian light made for a very contemporary feel.

We were not short of options for backdrops at Casa Vera. There were so many to choose from, the soft flowers, clean lines, sharp shadows falling on the concrete ground as well as the fierce, prickly gardens of cactus.

For two days we moved around the villa shooting until sunset, capturing the beauty of modern Sicily against the history and the countryside of the island. In the evenings we ate home cooked meals under the stars, catching up on the days events and talking about our favourite looks.

After the shoot was finished the team headed back to London and our Founder and Creative Director spent a few days soaking in the culture from the island and exploring the old towns and fishing villages

We were very lucky that our stay coincided with the Sicilian Flower festival, where once a year the people of the towns stay up all night decorating the roads with intricate flower designs turning the roads into walkways of art.

On the last day our Founder found the most beautiful fishing village where she stopped for lunch and sampled some of the finest fresh caught lobster. Caught here wearing Evarae of course!

With love from Sicily and Evarae x

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